Theraphy & Healing

June 5, 2018

When all else has failed, we are here for you. Guardian Angel has the ability to treat and cure illnesses in ways in which conventional and alternative healing can not using purely natural means with no substances required.

Many claim to be a shaman but Guardian Angel has been on the inside of the real authentic shamanic reality that less than a handful of people know of. This is exactly why Guardian Angel has been sought out by the elite. Readings, rituals, blessings, past lives and energy healing are bought into your world. Using this we can heal your psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Where the conventional and alternative haven’t and have failed, Guardian Angel will serve you and be your key going forward.

Our multi-faceted approach will heal you in every way from conventional diagnosis, psychological therapies, energy diagnosis, to spiritual healing – nothing is missed on any level or area. We have been helping all levels of society, bringing these cutting-edge health healings and well being at our private practice in London Mayfair.

– For your physical health we can cure most common illnesses for life
– We may also help treat terminal and incurable diseases for full recovery without conventional means.
– For your mental health we resolve and help manage traumas, addictions and depressions.
– For family, relationships, friendships and those around you, we can help heal nearly all conflicts and disagreements.

Guardian Angel will provide all of these below methods and more to achieve results;

Access Deck Diagnostics: Get regular spiritual and psychological readings from our unique Access Deck. Unlike Tarot, the Access Deck will provide you actual solutions and not just vague predictions. By combining both the psychological and spiritual in a way that tarot does not, the access reading allows you to attach your own meaning and draw out of both your subconscious mind and from your unseen energy field true answers on your path forward in life. What lies in store and the best ways to go about your healing is now possible with access deck psychological and spiritual readings.

Complete Healing Diagnostic: As a shaman, Guardian Angel is able to read your energy field. By combining this with Guardian Angel’s psychological, spiritual, emotional and hidden knowledge, you can be provided with a complete report and map of how to heal your life and find your path.

Health Wealth: When it comes to health less is more, it is no mistake that those who live in the wilderness get less problems. For all our advancements modern medicine and alternatives are compensation for our environments that our bodies are having to cope with. With health wealth we adapt your body so that you will never need to worry about common illness again from flu, headaches, heartburn, coughs, colds, hay fever, skin disorders and much more for life. The need for conventional means and alternatives are no longer required. This is priceless know how for you and your loved ones. No medicine, herbs or supplements needed again for the common illness. Just pure know-how and adaptation strategy is all that is required.

Harmonisation & Blessings: Guardian Angel can harmonise you energetically to make you feel better and remove panic, depression and addictions. This is not a matter of pep talk or advice but energetic calm which is instant once Guardian Angel shifts your energy.

Guardian Angel can also permanently clean your energy field for tangible legitimate outcomes measured and repeatedly observable. This also impacts “luck”, reducing bad luck and increasing the good luck that comes your way.

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