June 3, 2018

Guardian Angel encompasses all life’s needs. Going beyond just life coaching, healing or guidance, we take a joined up approach to improve every aspect of your life. We also tackle every angle from the spiritual to the psychological, emotional & physical needs. Life carries on beyond 9-5 and so does Guardian Angel on hand for you at your side. In times of need where everyone else cannot be of service to aid you in your hour of need Guardian Angel is here for you.

What main services does Guardian Angel offer?

For more information on each service, please read the services tab. Please note that as Guardian Angel takes a joined up approach, that even if you take out just one service it will likely include aspects from other services.

– Personal Crisis Response Service Are you going through a significant chapter in your life be it from bankruptcy, marriage breakdown, grievance, illness, damage to your reputation, significant PR damage to your company or from many other situations that seem impossible to get out of? Guardian Angel will be on standby for you.
– Spiritual Therapist for the emotional, spiritual and psychological, going one step further than traditional therapists to fully heal your state of mind and spiritual well-being, be it from addictions to depressions or even just to help you rediscover your lost path in life.
– Elite Life-Coach for discovering hidden knowledge, awareness & techniques that will help you in all aspects of your life and those around you.
– Shamanic Healer for the Physical including removal of most common illnesses, or even those that are life-threatening using purely natural means with no substances required.
– Companion & Concierge to directly assist you in handling and accessing people, society and hidden opportunities and to ensure your needs are taken care of.

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