Luxury Companion & Concierge

June 5, 2018

Having money and a traditional concierge service is not enough to achieve that luxury life-style while retaining a true sense of safety, inner-peace, connection and purpose.

Guardian Angel is more than just your typical concierge, being a psychological illusionist, coach, confidant, councillor and spiritual shaman all in one – your real-life Guardian Angel in every way. These skills will serve you outdoors in ways that will tangibly open doors for you in business, family, friends and new circles.

Allow Guardian Angel to be exactly that for you at your side in your life on standby, and discover how Guardian Angel will..

– By Default, offer you the luxury lifestyle of a celebrity and take care of your bookings, reservations and needs that the typical concierge service provides. This also includes, directly speaking to people where need be to help take care of your businesses.
– Break down those doors of society and get you in to otherwise closed off events, circles and realities.
– Coach, teach and show you how to recognise reality’s signs and how to sync with people and their energy to open up more of the world.
– Open and close business deals, jobs and opportunities on your behalf.

By accompanying and travelling with you in person, Guardian Angel will..

– Help you make entirely new friends and associates and ensure they appreciate, value and are there for you.
– Help to directly negotiate and resolve issues with friends, family and associates.
– Quietly in the background, Shamanically shift and manipulate people’s energy to be in-sync with yours, allowing you to get on very well with people that previously it was not possible to.
– Quietly shift your own energy to allow you to act with confidence and abilities you do not normally or rarely have.
– In time, your good luck and success will be greatly increased, even when you’re not with Guardian Angel directly, as your energy changes to reflect Guardian Angel’s being a direct part of your reality.

Money can not buy you everything, and often can stand in the way of connecting with the world. Money cannot buy you guts, courage, will, intent and the awareness of reality that Guardian Angel will bring. Let Guardian Angel help provide all that and act as your Companion to help you to be a part of everything you wish to be a part of.

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