June 3, 2018

What Is Guardian Angel Care?
A weekend well being health clinic in the heart of Mayfair London UK. A complete mental and spiritual rehabilitation with a complete holistic approach. We are proud to be the world’s first with the Mental Perception Alter Method: dubbed by clients as multi form physical shape shifting. With Guardian Angel himself by your side a master of psychological, showmanship, mentalism, energy healing, shamanism. You’re in good hands with your real life Guardian Angel and his team.


What Weekend Rehab programs can you offer?

We deal with all life-issues from Anger management to Anxiety, Break downs, Depressions, Marriage & Couples issues, Relationships, Personality disorders, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Stress, Insomnia, Fatigue and Addictions. Our team will be on hand aiding your recovery discreetly and while you still live in the real world which is why our weekend programs work for all lifestyles in mind. On going on the weekends and support remotely during the week. For couples: A weekend in 5 star Mayfair luxury spiritual care with your real Life multi form shape-shifter, Guardian Angel providing you with everything you could need.

What is our Personal Crisis 24/7 Response Service?

Should the worst ever happen and you need urgent help. Guardian Angel will be on standby for you outside of office hours because life is more than 9-5 but 24/7.


Is everyone able to see the shape shift and what is it’s significance?

Yes absolutely everyone is able to see. Some people take a little longer to open to it. But once open you’ll always be able to see the shape-shifting. Once open it will allow you to have a clearer understanding of your situation and solutions. What the client sees physically and the timing or method used to activate it will let us know what is tangibly going on in your mind and spirit so that we can fully help you. You’ll be able to tap into deeper aspects of the mind which in many activate new abilities and changes in your life-habits. Those habits are part of your healing. Many like Guardian Angel to shift into them so they can really face themselves.

Shape shift is a diagnostic tool above all:

How long it takes you to open, what you see, the timing of how fast you allow the shift to form /decode. How you start to react and feel. If you see the background start to shift and move or go light or dark. Auras and colours may also be seen, if what you see is in colour or if what you see is just an over layer not solid right away the list goes on and is extensive. It is not uncommon for groups to see shape shift and the formation of the shift in each persons perception form at a different time speeds . This indicates to Guardian Angel what is going on. These indicate signs of dyslexia, anorexia, hearing voices, etc and the severity of each within the client or any other disturbances to be corrected. You cannot do this with psychology or energy work. Because both client and Guardian Angel get the feedback it is a two way thing and not some expert talking down to you. All tangible tools for both the client and Guardian Angel to assess.

You mention we can say how we feel to what we see?
Correct and it is encouraged to tell off or say your peace to who you see. It is extremely healing to get off your chest to those who’ve hurt and wronged you passed or present or dead.


What if I have had a paranormal experience before seeing Guardian Angel?

Yes you can see what it is you saw and interact with “it”.


Is shape-shifting able to be captured on film?
It is a projection of the persons subconscious and only the person viewing will physically see. Dreams are many times just as real as real life, hallucinations are also physically real to the person. The shape shift is located in a part of the mind between these two states and is activated by Guardian Angel.


Can I ask to see specific forms?
Yes – there is no limit here including people past, present and beyond. No photos are needed either. Guardian Angel will take the form of your family or friends or anything else.

Can Guardian Angel use this to channel?


Is this really real and you’re not allowed to say?
We are not qualified to tell you it is real, equally we are not qualified to tell it is not. This is a job for all of science?

If you think it is real we are going to tell it is real. If you think it is psychology we are going to tell it is psychology. The job for if it is real or not should be with you shouldn’t it?

Why this “answer”? Because the way to activate the affect for all is to go with the least resistance within you.


This is clearly the work of the devil?
We are positive that is how today’s technology and understanding of life would have been looked at by people centuries ago.


I’ve heard Guardian Angel is an exorcist?

Correct as that is also an expression of the subconscious. Negative memories can form as demons – remember we work with all beliefs. Religious, alien abducted to the logical. To Guardian Angel they are simply expressions of the subconscious, we do not get stuck in any ideology be it psychological, religious or spiritual. Anyone who is skeptical or thinks they are right about life and everything are an expression of subconscious discrimination at least that is how the subconscious views it. Hence why the skeptical take the longest to open but once open are falling over to “convert”. There’s skeptical because your not sure or haven’t seen any proof and then there’s skeptical for being skeptical. The latter is what we refer to. Healthy skepticism is completely fine. Therefore we shape shift our approach to you and the beliefs you carry since that is how you operate and in the context of healing that is all that matters. If you think demons are real we will shape shift into it. If you think only humans are the only life form then that is all you will see. Please bare this in mind upon judgement of this service and those we help. We respect your belief even if it is skeptical we do not accept the projection of it on us or our clients the end result is the only key that matters. If this “shape shift” can be activated in all think about the beliefs and programs daily what they’d make us see, including being skeptical. Bare it in mind as it literally allows you to see the world as you currently do.


Are Shape Shifter Illumanti running the world?!
If you cannot get on with your friends or family then this doesn’t matter either way since the bigger world is a reflection of the smaller world. And if something is not in your experience or your world real or not then it may as well not exist and from that explanation may as well not be real, including everything on this website. Your world and your experience is what counts you may choose to include Guardian Angel in your world and then form more answers.


Is Guardian Angel part of any groups?

Guardian Angel isn’t part of any groups, organisation’s, secret societies and is totally independent and self taught. We like to keep it that way and pride ourselves on learning through observations that the subconscious mind and subconscious reality gives every second of the day.

Why does the shape shift heal?

When we open the subconscious to physically see, what unfolds is an unlocking of memories, clearer focus and understanding. To visually physically see what memories are affecting your life let’s us assess what is going on.


Can I heal physically?
Yes Guardian Angel will shape shift you momentarily and you see change. That belief will stick creating your placebo using mind over matter.


In the bio it mentions shape shifting other people?
This is correct and can even be done remotely.


What is included in my shape shift session?

-Mental and psychological analysis.
-Spiritual Readings
-Shape shift healing and interaction.
-Energy healing.

*Sessions are 60 minutes long with a report analysis to follow.

There are featured shape shift mental Perception alters, how do I know which to pick?

We will assess you because everyone must start with the opening one.

*Diplo Panda teddy bear Guardian Angel mascot will be on hand at all shape shift sessions to remind you Guardian Angel is still human no matter what you “see”.

** The blog coming soon will elude to more insight on shape shifting.


What is your refund policy?
Payments are non-refundable, but are transferable.


What are my Next Steps?
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