Personal Crisis Response

June 5, 2018

Are you going through a significant chapter in your life be it from bankruptcy, marriage breakdown, grievance, illness, damage to your reputation, significant PR damage to your company or from many other situations that seem impossible to get out of?

Where the law, society and friends have failed you, sometimes your only way out is a miracle. Guardian Angel has been that to many clients, providing a 24/7 service. You are heard, you are not alone and your Guardian Angel will be at your side.

Tackling every angle from the spiritual to the psychological, emotional & physical we take a joined up approach to resolve any situation. Life carries on beyond 9-5 and so does Guardian Angel, offering the help, support and service that you need.

Guardian Angel Will;

– Harmonise you energetically to make you feel better and remove panic. This is not a matter of pep talk or advice but energetic calm which is instant once Guardian Angel shifts your energy in real time on the spot.
– Provide remote and direct healing throughout to remove any spiritual or physical damage done.
– Act directly in person as your Guardian Angel Companion to help deal with the emergency
– Be there on call throughout this period until the emergency has passed, providing not just one person but an entire team for you.
– Spiritually and energetically manipulate your reality and of those around you to vastly reduce the likelyhood of the emergency coming to pass.
– Sense out and provide real-time feedback and information on what is going on as the emergency manifests, helping you to feel more on top and in control of the situation.
– And further to the above, provide guidance to ensure you make the correct decisions at the correct times in the correct ways. On occasions when you must make the right decisions and have no margin for error, Guardian Angel will help navigate you through the pathway of potential futures to greatly increase your chances of the best outcome.

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