Personal Crisis Response

June 5, 2018

Guardian Angel Personal Crisis Response is for extreme cases and 24/7 oncall service.

Terminal illness conditions 

Critical Health Conditions

Suicidal tendency conditions 

If you, loved one or friend are in this position and have seen the Mental Perception Alter: Multi-form Physical Shape Shifting then you understand why we are the mind and spiritual experts bar none. Recommend your friend or loved ones to Guardian Angel and change their lives today! If you haven’t witnessed then it is imperative you do risk free and your money back if what we say isn’t the case. At that point you may take out this bespoke service with the option of the 24/7 services if required. This way you’re happy and fully assured and risk free.

For your consideration only:

If you agree that spiritual and energy work can heal then we are for you!

If you agree mind over matter can heal then we are for you!

There isn’t anyone publicly who can get  your energy, mind or spirit to physically see reality bend changing into many forms. We may just be be able to save your life where no one else cannot. Again we refer to the tangible power of physical shape shifting you aren’t going to get any more cutting edge than that in anywhere in the world.

The Personal Crisis service may be for you, a loved one or friend . You’ll experience firsthand why we are your Real Life Guardian Angel on standby.

*We always make sure your doctor confirms our work and we will not advise or interfere against your doctor’s work. We use energy, spirit, mind to induce your healing via our mental perception Alter: Multi  Form Physical Shape Shifting.

Book Now Money Back Risk Free.


Your Real Life Guardian Angel is real!


Please enquire below and state your emergency we will be happy for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your case.

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