Elite Life-Coaching

June 5, 2018

By using a unique combination of the Psychological, Spiritual and hidden knowledge, Guardian Angel is able to provide a level of Life-Coaching that is only available to the top Celebrities and Elites.

The coaching will take place with Guardian Angel over a number of sessions. Each client is 100% unique and what is taught will be uniquely tailored to you and how you operate both psychologically and spiritually. We can also tailor entirely unique courses and coaching on request (please see premium services). These courses below will help cover any blind spot or area of life you need to resolve ontop of peak life coaching! We start you on brain metabolism which allows you to learn any subject in a fraction of the time, so you can feel rest assured that if there’s something you need to learn its not going to take more than a few weeks at most to learn.

– Learn how to learn any subject in a fraction of the time it’d normally take and techniques that only the elites are aware of. Guardian Angel has helped clients to pass exams and tests for all levels up to university degrees with “Brain Metabolism”.

– Discover hidden knowledge that less than the top 1% athletes are aware of by using your body’s bio feedback, and using correct nutritional knowledge beyond the calories or what the scale says. Gain that perfect fitness body and train your body to be able to eat unlimited calories on specific days of the week. This is for both men and women; do not suffer with a slow metabolism ever again! You’ll learn and program the body to stay in top shape! “Body Transformation”. We have had many female/male models who use this be able to eat more food than most while maintaining top shape! But its also how the top food eatting competitors both men and women who have the knowhow yet be able to stay lean year round. Just like Guardian Angel himself.

– Learn how to defend yourself and never have to fear being attacked again, by bypassing the need for physical fitness or skill and getting targets to auto respond against themselves! You’ll bypass years worth of training in hours with “5Chi”. Many of our female clients are very shocked at how affective 5chi is and how it stays with them, instead of all the practicing most defence systems take. This course is suitable for both men and women of any skill level and will open the eyes of even the most seasoned combat experts.

– Discover how to rid of most illness for life without the need for medicine, supplements, herbs ever again for you and your loved ones with “Health Wealth”.

– Tap into how to be infinitely creative via the spiritual internet and never run out of ideas again. Taking All creative endeavours from art, branding, music and much much more to new hights with “Spirit Net”. Guardian Angel has worked with clients in the past to allow them to access and create the next “big idea”, could you be one of them?

– Discover how to use the subconscious mind the subconscious reality that communicates via a hidden language of sign, coincidence, feelings and logic to never be lost in life ever again with “Sense Matrix”. Don’t feel that things have to be a certain way or that it’s “fate”, find out how to create your own destiny and reclaim the keys to your life.

– Body language, personality and words are barely 1% of real-communication. Psychology by itself is not the answer. Use fluid communication to adapt to conversation and communication in real time through live feedback using both the spiritual and psychological with “Fluid communication”. The second you hit a wall you adapt into the next style of communication to work out exactly what communication protocol is required to get the best out of those who you converse with, be it friends, family or business.

Each life-coaching course will include a complimentary training manual to study between sessions. To complete a course will typically take 6-10 sessions. Please refer to the F.A.Q section for more information on how booking sessions works and what is involved. You may also choose to get in touch with any questions via the contact request form below

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