June 5, 2018

No matter how great we are in any aspect of life or endeavours there will always be blind spots. A chink in the armour, a weakness, many times over looked and not noticed. If these blind spots are left unchecked it may lead to sudden emerging issues which can escalate further. No one ever makes it alone, not ever. There’s always some sort of support direct or indirect, but it’s always there. And for those blind sided by things such as “the law of attraction” although indeed we can all draw things to us a reality can only ever be held up and created by partnerships, groups, companies, organisations and collectives. A singular person can draw in aspects of a reality but never a total reality by themselves not ever. That right there, is a blind spot. Having someone extra who is on your wave length helping you draw things in that you cannot would be advantageous. And not everyone can manifest the exact same things thus closing down the blind spots when teamed up.

Why don’t you just have your best friend or someone from your reality help you?

Well you can and you should that’s a given. However in the way we you may be seeking and the way in which we are providing could prove to be extremely useful and in terms that aren’t compromised. You can’t always be upfront with those near you. Those who are close cannot always value you in the way that is needed because they are too close to you and so any help is compromised from both directions you to them and them to you.

Besides any of that, we are providing tangible and clear defined useful services and insight to allow you to totally solve aspects for life that require an experienced expert. Some of which are listed on the site but some not, which is reserved for you to see in person and see exactly why we have been hired by only the best. There is no weakness in needing support and guidance. Or to put it the Guardian Angel way; the best partnerships always have things both ways..

Value to be Valued
Serve to be Served
Guide to be Guided

Guardian Angel