Mayfair’s Personal Crisis Response & Alternative Clinic

June 3, 2018

Sometimes the only way out of a crisis is a miracle. We deal with emergencies such as Drug Addiction, Reputation Damage, Bereavement, Relationship Breakdowns, Suicide and Legal Accusations. We also deal with ongoing issues such as depression, loneliness, or even matters such as being unable to move forward with your business, career or relationships. Whatever your crisis, there are some matters that the law, authorities, religion, counsellors, family and friends are not equipped to handle. Guardian Angel combines the spiritual and logical with many lifetime’s worth of hidden knowledge to completely handle your personal crisis on a bespoke basis and to provide you the care you require to recover from any of life’s problems with our luxury alternative clinics. Keep this site safe as it may just save your life.

Book your complimentary session today and discover exactly why we were given the name Guardian Angel by all those we have helped. We are your real life Guardian Angel on stand by – let us take all your worries away.

Please note that if you choose to hire Guardian Angel after the complimentary consultation that pricing starts from £5,000 but can rise to £50,000+ depending on the severity and urgency and risks involved in your case. Nearly all of Guardian Angel’s clients have found even the complimentary session to be a life-changing experience and will often pledge and donate for others on top of agreed fees once their life has been put back on track. For information on pricing and pledging please read “Paying it Forward Donations” under the FAQ.

Please use the below form to be booked in. Alternatively you may email us on or leave a callback request at office our on: 0207 1830756. For an high and immediate emergency you may opt to call or text Guardian Angel Dil Angelo on: 07427 590771.

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Guardian Angel Care 53 Davies Street, Mayfair London (UK), W1K 5JH, TEL: 0207 1830756 (in case of emergency call: 07427 590771)