Mayfair’s Shamanic Shape-Shifter & Healer

December 28, 2018


Shamanic Physical Shape Shifting – Real or Urban Legend?

Your real life Guardian Angel; born with the gift of physical shape shifting and healing abilities shares with you tangible insight using physical forms beyond this world for your healing and real path. Our cause is to wake the right people open up who’ll ‘make a difference’ with our complimentary services to that end.

Multi Form Physical Shape Shifting..

Physically see; aura, energy, angels, spirits ,demons, aliens, lost loved ones and beyond. Lose the fear of death and see the bigger world just out of sight that does influence you and become the difference in your world because nobody in the physical world is immune!

Guardian Angel is not a business it’s a cause; we do not charge for the service

But  we do ask that you ‘make a difference’ to others upon witnessing that is only fair exchange for your awakening.

This service is not available to the Public

*You need a prosper and secondor to gain this service, unless you are invited. This service is now closed to the public. We aren’t here for debate of it is real those with real world firsthand experience may be seeking answers because they too have seen things. We are not after fame either or publicity and we do not care for conspiracies. If you come in with a closed mind and want a debate there’s plenty in the world to choose from, since we do not charge the only thing that’ll be wasted is time. We’ve got better things to do and will not tolerate anyone or anything less than keeping open even if they are unsure which is perfectly fine thank you. By accepting the invitation and visiting you agree to make A difference..

Email:  Tel: 0207 1830756

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Guardian Angel Care 68 Brook Street, Mayfair London (UK), W1K 5DZ, TEL: 0207 1830756