Mayfair’s Weekend Well-Being Clinic

December 28, 2018

Guardian Angel provides a service for those whose mental demons have taken over and ruined their lives. From anxiety, depression, anger issues, couples/family relationships issues all the way to addictions. You are not alone. Have a complete mental and spiritual cleansing in a weekend with ongoing support if needed involving no drugs or herbs. We utilise shamanic, psychological and holistic practices. A world exclusive: “Mental Perception Alter Method”-dubbed by clients as physical shape shifting. A psychological and spiritual exorcism for the removal of negative thoughts, habits and energies is what follows. Weekend Limited places available only..

“The Multi Form Physical Shape Shifter of Mayfair?”

We are proud to be the founders of the world’s first psychological and shamanistic method of the “Mental Perception Alter”, dubbed by clients as physical shape shifting. Using a combination of psychology, showmanship & shamanism all forms are possible to physically shape shift into to see with your own eyes. Guardian Angel will shape shift into angels, spirits, lost loved ones and beyond. A psychological and spiritual exorcism for the removal of negative thoughts, habits and energies is what follows. During your session you’ll see auras, physical forms related to your subconscious and spirit. These are likely to be people/beings who’ve wrongly hurt you or that you miss in your life. How quickly you see the shape shift happening all the way to what you sense and feel to begin with?  Is the ultimate real two way diagnostic tool for the deepest levels of yourself and you’ll visually see this firsthand! The more you heal and open the more you’ll physically see reality bend in front of your eyes tapping into all of your mental, emotional and spiritual issues to get to the route causes. Whatever your mental, emotional or spiritual needs are that you just can’t seem to shift? Guardian Angel is your answer! How the shape shift is done is Guardian Angels secret and witnessing is part of your healing or your money back! With no use of drugs, hypnosis or trances and in a matter of moments. This may seem unbelievable but what’s even more unbelievable is what the mind and spirit are really capable of, would you like to find out? In this day and age due to an over reliance on technology we do not utilise the mind & spirit. This is exactly why there is such a mental, emotional and spiritual disconnection health epidemic globally and it’s only getting worse the more “advanced we are”. Using the power of the mind to create and project the shape shifting affect will result in the much needed miracle or sign you’ve been longing for; Seeing really is believing with your real life Guardian Angel!

The Mental Perception Alter Method  Helps Treat:

– Anger management
– Anxiety
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Post-Natal Depression
– Break downs
– Depressions
– Marriage & Couples issues
– Relationship Breakdowns
– Personality disorders
– Schizophrenia
– Bi-polar
– Stress
– Insomnia
– Fatigue
– Addictions

If placebos are known to heal what if they could be induced at will, they’d  become something tangible and real. Ultimately that is what the Mental Perception Alter’s purpose is for. We take the belief to the physical level with the strongest sense we rely on; the eyes. Seeing is believing and believing makes you heal aka placebo. How it is done is Guardian Angels secret but yours to experience.

*This is a physical projection of the persons mind in the real world and isn’t able to appear on camera*


Please read the healing shape shifting alter tab on the service’s pull down bar. Or read the witnessing /FAQ pages for details and booking of this premiere service and the world’s first; in London Mayfair UK Only with Your Real Life Guardian Angel himself.

Witness session Starts from £295.


(please note we are open to the public by appointment/booking on the weekends only, weekdays are for private clients.)


If this service makes you feel nervous we have our resident Guardian Angel Diplo teddy bear panda mascot on standby at all Mental Perception Alter sessions. Hugging him will make you feel happy and relaxed and remind you no matter what you “see” Guardian Angel is still human. Please see the testimonials page to see our mascot Guradian Angel Diplo panda.


Mayfair’s Alternative Well-Being clinic:

Guardian Angel also helps to handle all aspects of life that everyone needs help with including guidance, life-coaching, aftercare and general counselling.

We are your real life Guardian Angel on stand by – let us take all your worries away.

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